Reasons Buying a Pre-Owned Nissan is the Best Choice to Make

April 12th, 2022 by

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a great way to save money while still getting the performance, safety, and comfort you want and need. Whether you need a car that can get you around comfortably, a pickup with tremendous value, or a reliable family car, there’s a Nissan model to suit your needs and budget.

Here are five good reasons why pre-owned Nissan models can be the most practical choice you could make:

1. Avoiding Depreciation

One big reason many people choose to buy a used car over a new one is that they’re more practical. New cars stand to lose a significant amount of their value as soon as the papers are signed, and if you want to trade up for a newer model, it can be a costly process. On the other hand, used vehicles tend to lose less of their value over time and may actually be more affordable than a new car you can find at your local dealership.

2. Receiving Premium Safety

All Nissan models are designed to meet the highest safety standards, and used cars are no exception. Whether you want a pre-owned Nissan Altima, Rogue, Maxima, or any other model, you can be sure that you’re still getting an incredibly safe car. If you shop wisely, you can even find a used Nissan that’s comparable to a new model.

3. Being Part Of Nissan’s Certified Pre-Owned Program

The Nissan Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program gives you the peace of mind you want in a used car. Nissan’s Certified Pre-Owned Program is designed to ensure every pre-owned Nissan model meets the specific standards you’re looking for. All CPOs go through a rigorous 167-point inspection, and along with the clean title that comes with a used vehicle, you also get a brand-new warranty and a great deal. These standards extend to both the vehicle’s structure and its engine, so you can be sure to get everything you’re looking for. 

4. Experiencing Easy Customization

While most people buy used cars to save money, there’s another great reason to choose a pre-owned Nissan. Used vehicles leave room in your budget for customizations, so you can further tailor your car to your liking. Plus, with a few simple alterations, you can turn a used Nissan into a model that could look better than a new one!

5. Embracing the Nissan Community

Buying a pre-owned Nissan isn’t just about the money you save on a new car, but about the people you meet along the way. Nissan owners are incredibly diverse, with all kinds of interests, but share one common bond: the love of Nissan vehicles. The Nissan community is a great place to find information and advice on how to get the most out of your used Nissan vehicle.


Used cars are a great option if you want your new ride to last while still saving money. Nissan models are incredibly reputable and make it easy to add a used car to your household. Whether you’re looking for a sporty coupe or a roomy sedan, try checking out pre-owned Nissan models, and see for yourself how reliable these vehicles can be.

At Ajax Nissan, we’ll help you find the vehicle that fits your lifestyle and your needs! If you’re looking for a pre-owned Nissan model for yourself or for the whole family, visit our dealership. 

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