Why You Should Detail Your Vehicle

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The average Canadian spends an hour and a half inside their vehicle every day. But with all the time we spend in our vehicles, car hygiene is not something we often think about until the vehicle is noticeably dirty. 

When you have your vehicle detailed at Ajax Nissan, our certified technician’s goal is to make your vehicle look as brand new as possible. We use our tried and true processes and Nissan’s unique cleaning formulas to clean your vehicle from the inside out. 

Believe it or not, there are a number of benefits to getting your vehicle detailed regularly, such as improved value, damage avoidance, and health benefits,


Improves Value 

Even if you’re not planning on trading in your vehicle for months or even years in the future, it’s important to do what you can to keep your car looking great now. When you take your car in to get detailed, we brush the impurities away from the autobody to help prevent the deterioration of your paint and even the different parts of your car. In time, this can improve the condition of your car and its overall longevity. This is especially true if you have your engine regularly maintained because removing debris and dirt from this area can help keep your engine healthier in the long run.



Avoid Potential Damage

On the exterior, mud, dirt, rain, and even salt sprinkled on icy roads can attach themselves to the surface of your car as you drive. While you might not notice these at first, over time, the minerals that are in them can cause damage to your paint job. While on the interior, removing embedded pet hair and extracting water stains are crucial for drivers with fabric seat materials. If you have leather upholstery, ensuring that it’s properly cleaned and conditioned is a lot like putting lotion on your skin. They both offer the advantage of protection, while also helping to prevent cracking or other sorts of damage in the future.



It’s Healthier

Germs can drastically affect the air quality of your vehicle. The biggest germ culprits? Your dashboard, change holder, cup holder, car seats, floors, and door handles. Your car plays host to food crumbs, drink spills, and all kinds of other everyday grime that can go unnoticed. Cars with car seats and/or pets are at an even greater risk. It isn’t just the surfaces of your car you need to consider. Every time you turn on your car’s fan you’re breathing the air that’s been in your car’s ventilation system. This air may contain germs, road dust, vehicle emissions, mold spores, and more. This is why it’s also extremely important to service and replace your cabin air filter regularly. Bacteria love damp and dark areas because it’s easier to breed there. Which means they love your ventilation system.


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