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At Ajax Nissan, we always value our customer’s feedback and recommendations. We were pleasantly surprised to start the new year with a letter from Dejan. Dejan took the time to share his experience with Mike Taylor, a Sales and Leasing Consultant at our dealership. Dejan purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue with the assistance and expertise Mike provided.

Check out the letter Dejan wrote below describing his experience as well as the video of Mike sharing his favourite part of his job!

“I am writing in regards to Mike Taylor, an employee at your establishment, Ajax Nissan, I would like to give him a high rating and good recommendation. I had the pleasure of being helped by Mr. Taylor, and I would like to vouch for his skills and experience for your establishment.

Mr. Taylor is a wonderful employee as he is easy going. polite. respectful. and completely understanding of customer needs. The quality of his communication skills is amazing. He is able to discuss with customers their needs and wants clearly, as he has done with me.

Shopping with Nissan has been a tremendous pleasure due to Mr. Taylor. He has helped me in purchasing a 2017 Nissan Rogue. Ever since that purchase I have never looked back. He knew what kind of Nissan I wanted, and was able to provide me with satisfactory information about each Nissan car, until I made the final decision to pick the Rouge.

Mr. Taylor understands customer satisfaction and understands how to provide quality service. He is an exceptional salesman. If he repeatedly conducts his services in this manner, then I personally believe he would deserve a promotion.”

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Check out the video below, it features other customer reviews!

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